l About me l

I am from Bryan, Ohio...grew up and lived here my entire life with the exception of going to college in Toledo.  I went to cosmetology school and have done hair for over 25 years.  Growing up I always loved taking photos...everywhere I went I usually had my camera with me!  Anyway, a few years ago I decided I wanted to take a chance of possibly doing this as a part time profession and i loved it ♥  My daughter is on the swim team so I was shooting away at the swim meets and fell in love with the photos of the kids in the water.  There then grew my passion for outdoor photography.  Something about the light and how the pictures just pop :)   For now I am enjoying doing Familes & kids, Senior pictures and babies!  My favorite subject will always be my daughter...don't be surprised to see some of her popping up all over :) She is my inspiration of course!

♥ I'm a CANON girl ♥